Enchanted 2 Is Happening At Last

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Even though it was one of those ephemeral, elegant things that only worked through some combination of talent and luck, we all knew the moment that Enchanted became a hit, a sequel wouldn't be far behind. But for some reason it's taken over two years since the movie's 2007 debut for the thing to actually get greenlit; was Disney somehow meeting with the only execs in Hollywood who believed there can be too much of a good thing?

One way or another, they got it straightened out. Variety reports that writer Jessie Nelson has been hired for the sequel, and The Proposal director Anne Fletcher will be behind the camera. Production could get started as early as next year, which would still have Enchanted 2 coming out a solid four years after the first-- a lifetime for all the 8-year-old girls who fell in love with it who are now pimply 12-year-olds.

Nelson's last two credits are some serious warning signs-- she wrote Fred Claus and Because I Said So, two of the most notorious family-friendly comedies of the last few years. There's more reason to have hope in Fletcher, who nailed romantic chemistry and dirty granny jokes in The Proposal-- plus she started out as a choreographer, which means she'll have an eye for more of those elaborate musical numbers.

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