Here’s All of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Costumes, Ranked

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The MCU is currently the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. After officially introducing Iron Man back in 2008, this long-standing superhero movie series has been weaving a collective story of justice, responsibility, and compassion ever since. We’ve been blown away by the beautifully crafted tales of many heroes, but none strike us quite the way the God of Thunder does.

Chris Hemsworth made his MCU debut in 2011 as the titular Thor, and he quickly became a crucial player in both The Avengers and the expansion of the MCU as a whole. While Hemsworth's Thor franchise started off rocky, it experienced a rejuvenation when Taika Waititi was brought on to direct Thor: Ragnarok, which has since topped many "Best Marvel Movie" lists. Throughout Hemsworth's appearances as Thor in the MCU, we've seen his iconic costume evolve along with his character. As we await the release of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, here’s a definitive ranking of all of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor costumes.

6 Thor

Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth's costume in Thor is a very classic look. It gave us the basis of all of Thor's costumes, and its styling suggests that the God of Thunder has a long journey to heroism ahead. His hair is pristine and perfectly groomed, which softens his look and gives us insight into his priorities (appearances being pretty high). Another interesting detail is the silhouette of his cape, which has very upturned shoulders — this is usually meant to signify power. We all know Thor is just gaining his footing as a hero and isn't nearly at his full potential, so it almost feels like he needs to compensate by making himself appear larger and more imposing.

5 The Avengers

Thor Avengers Outfit
Via: Marvel Studios

Thor doesn't see much of a change in his outfit here, and that makes sense given the timeline. The Avengers canonically happened just after the events of Thor, so he hasn't had much time for character development or appointments with Asgard's tailors. The one thing we can see is that his hair is no longer beautifully kept, and this small detail is actually a huge step in his journey. He's showing everyone that his looks aren't as important as they used to be, and his duty to protect the universe is now far more prevalent. We love subtle growth, and this is a great example of it.

4 Avengers: Infinity War

Thor Infinity War Suit
Via: Marvel Studios

This costume is a far cry from the original suit, and it renders the God of Thunder almost unrecognizable. Infinity War came after a long period of trials and tribulations for Thor, and we can see that in his appearance: he's taken some of the Viking aesthetic from his Ragnarok ensemble, and his darker armor makes him look more modern. We can still see round badges in the metalwork, but they look visibly weathered. Thor overall looks more world-weary here, and his short hair still hasn't grown back. This costume gives us a deeper look at all the hardship he's been through, and the darker color palette gives the impression that he's actually been through a war. Another notable feature is the silhouette of his cape, which doesn't flare up at all anymore. In a way, it suggests that he might not be as powerful as he once was.

3 Thor: The Dark World

Thor The Dark World Photo
Marvel Studios

While Thor: The Dark World may be considered an MCU flop, Thor's costuming is surprisingly good. It bears a close resemblance to his original suit, but the metal details in his armor have changed. His cape is now fastened by large round badges, which call back to the huge fasteners used by Spartan warriors. Remember the silhouette of his shoulders in the first outfit? They're not quite as prominent as they should be, and that actually makes him look stronger and more human by comparison. His hair is still a little messy, and it seems the God of Thunder has officially prioritized the greater good over the way others see him. All in all, he looks more like a hero deserving of Mjolnir, and he's reached a crucial milestone in his voyage of self-discovery and maturity.

2 Avengers: Endgame

Thor Endgame Final Look
Via: Marvel Studios

Endgame is the film that famously showed the world Thor at his lowest point; he spends most of the movie in Asgardian loungewear, his hair and beard are overgrown, and he's put on a considerable amount of weight. This, of course, happens after Thanos wipes out half of all life in existence — the universe is out of sorts and Thor is as far from himself as he's ever been. It isn't until he gets a much-needed heart-to-heart with his mother that he comes back to his senses — he was failing because he was overcompensating at every turn, and he's a worthy soul exactly the way he is. This revelation prompts him to call Mjolnir back, and he rejoins the final fight against Thanos. The resulting outfit is similar to his Infinity War ensemble, but with one major difference: his insanely messy hair is now pinned up in dreadlocks, and his beard is styled into a Viking braid. He looks like a battle-worn Norse warrior, and he's finally reclaiming his identity after all this time.

1 Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth as Thor wearing a helmet and holding a shield and club.
Marvel Studios

Thor deals with a lot in Thor: Ragnarok, including being held as a captive fighter. He doesn't look as unkept and messy as some of his other appearances, but he looks completely different. It's the first instance of him with short hair, as it was forcefully cut to show his lack of independence (an act of disrespect). His outfit appears to be made of mostly leather and resembles a gladiator's uniform, though we can still see little metal details that remind us who we're looking at. The red war paint on one side of his body, the exposed sleeves and bits of leather arm protection, the single blue pauldron — the God of Thunder looks like an imposing warrior here, and it's one of his most memorable costumes yet.